Top 5 Wednesday!

So this is my first crack at a Top 5 Wednesday post! The brains behind the Top 5 Wednesday idea, along with past and future topics, can be found here.

This week the topic is ‘Nostalgic Ships’ – Fictional couples you used to get butterflies over, or couples you were really into when you were younger. So, this should be fun – I now get to decide just how deep I want to go with this one! Do I really want to reveal all my embarrassing ships from years gone by?? Or do I play it safe…?

First up I think we’ll have to go for the werewolves, Elena Michaels and Clayton Danvers, from Kelley Armstrong’s ‘Women Of The Otherworld’ series.


I love these guys, they are one of my favourite ever fictional couples, even years later. I mean, yes, they have a bumpy start and their relationship is very up and down a lot of the time, but they are still adorable. Plus, who wouldn’t want to have a man like Clayton by their side?! He goes about it the wrong way a fair few times, but he goes out of his way to protect Elena and do what is best for her. He helps her deal with all the scars of her past and creates a safe space for her to heal.

I loved watching their relationship unfold and progress over the series – That’s 13 whole books with this couples storyline woven through them. I was even a fan of the TV adaption, brief as it was. It wasn’t perfect by any means, but it was an enjoyable watch. Plus I loved the casting for Clayton!



Next up, we’re moving from werewolves to vampires – Zoey Redbird and Loren Blake from the House Of Night series by P.C. and Kristen Cast.


I’m aware this is one of my more ‘problematic’ ones, but the heart ships what the heart ships! It’s a brief relationship – If we can even go as far as to refer to it as an actual relationship – but no word of a lie, I was a little bit heartbroken when it all went south. Zoey is a fledgling vampire student at the House Of Night, Loren is a professor at the school (And a poet laureate, at that!). In my defence, he is described as being very handsome, and is a very charming character when he needs to be. He uses Zoey and helps cause a world of problems for her, but for the brief time they were ‘together’, my little emo teenage heart fell for the pretty professor and his super deep poetry.




Shall we get the most embarrassing one out of the way next? Yes, I think we will. Alice Cullen and Jasper Hale from Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight series.




Hey, at least it wasn’t Edward and Bella! I always favoured Alice and Jasper when I went through my Twilight phase. My favourite book was Eclipse, where Jaspers back story was explored further, and you really got a better view of his relationship with Alice. Alice was just lovely in general throughout the series, and what can I say, Jasper won me over with his southern gentleman charm!





From vampires over to fallen angels next, with Lucinda Price and Daniel Grigori from the Fallen series by Lauren Kate.


All I think this top 5 list is doing so far is proving I was a hopeless emo kid back in the day, fawning over the darker side of fantasy characters. This relationship has the perfect angsty mix for teenage me – Poor Daniel falling for and losing Lucinda over and over again, watching her die in each of her past lives, then hunting her out in her next life to being the cycle all over again. All very dramatic, throw in the antagonist of Cam, another fallen angel who’s main goal seems to be to steal Lucinda away from Daniel at every opportunity, and I couldn’t help but keep rooting for the doomed couple!




Finally we move to couple number 5, which gives us an immortal instead of a fallen angel, but a very similar story line! Ever Bloom and Damen Auguste Esposito from the Evermore series by Alyson Noël.


Damen is an immortal and after falling in love with Ever in one life, he follows her to the next, over and over again, hopelessly doomed to lose her each time in tragic accidents. His immortal ex-wife is usually the cause of these accidents (because of course!) and does everything in her power to try and take Damen back, destroying Ever in her various incarnations in the process.
Seems I really did love a hopeless love story back in the day – Brooding men going to the ends of the earth to be with the ones they love.





All five of these books/series’ were read during my teenage years – As much as I still love them, I am very pleased to announce that my reading tastes have gained a much larger variety these days! Though I am still regularly pulled in by a good fantasy novel, I am capable of picking up other genres, too!

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