Top 5 Wednesday

Time for another Top 5 Wednesday post! As usual, the brains behind the Top 5 Wednesday idea, along with past and future topics, can be found here.

This weeks topic is a good one – 5 Fictional places you would take a date to. I love this idea for a topic, it leaves so much scope depending on the genres you read! I mean, we’re going to have to use our imagination a little here and pretend I actually do something as sociable as dating but hey, if we can entertain the idea of going for a romantic stroll through Wonderland, then we can pretend I speak to more people than just my cat, right?

Let’s kick it off with a standard choice: Hogsmeade
Of course I’d pick Hogsmeade for this list – Imagine how lovely it would be in winter; taking a stroll through the snowy streets, eating your fill in Honeydukes before going to warm up in the Three Broomsticks with a Butterbeer? Perfect date right there.

Next up, how about Caraval?
Don’t get me wrong, we’d need to disregard the serious drama that unfolds within Stephanie Garber’s book, but looking at Caraval as an event? That would be fantastic. Disappear into the fantasy of the game for a few days, solving clues and exploring the place together, it would be like a scavenger hunt/escape room hybrid on a grand scale!

Third on my list has got to be the shop from Robert Dinsdale’s The Toymakers!
Yes, it is a toy shop, but when it’s a magical toy shop full of wonders like this one is, you’re never too old to go for a wander around. How wonderful would it be to walk the aisles and lose yourselves for an afternoon in the magic, seeing all the magnificent creations up close?

Next we have to have Eva’s Café from The Little Café In Copenhagen
It’s described so vividly in Julie Caplins book; such a cosy, friendly little café, with hot coffee and the tastiest Danish pastries. It would be far too easy to sink into a comfy seat in here and lose a few hours just chatting, drinking and nibbling!

Finally, The Grounds Of Trent’s Home in the Hollow’s series by Kim Harrison.
For those unfamiliar with this series, Trent is an Elf, a wealthy one at that, and his very large home and the grounds that come with it are described several time throughout the series. The large sprawling grounds, the stables, all of it just sounds so wonderful. As a country girl through and through, I’d love nothing more than to explore the grounds of this particular mansion, maybe even take the horses out for a ride!

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