The Grey Ones by Yvonne J Smit – Blog Tour!

Today is my stop on the blog tour for The Grey Ones by Yvonne J. Smit, which I am delighted to be able to share with you all! Big thank you to the lovely Yvonne for providing me with a copy of her book for review. 


“Mum?” Can you truly see if I am lying?” Fifteen-year-old Mae, the eldest daughter of Yvonne has come across her mum’s memoirs. They reveal a hidden past. A life steeped in the Occult and all its aspects…

Mae wants her mother to teach her to read the Tarot cards and Palmistry. Reluctant, her mother agrees as long as Mae promises to study the basics first and not to talk about it to anyone.

Yvonne grew up seeing the ‘grey people’, they were as blurred as the people she saw in full colour. It wasn’t until she got a pair of glasses that she knew for sure… the ‘Grey Ones’ were the shades of the dead. They didn’t scare her, but… these sad souls attracted something else. The other beings of twilight, darker than the night and dreadfully powerful…It became clear to young Yvonne that not everybody can see the dead or hear their voices. Diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia, her Grandad had been committed to an asylum. He heard voices too. Not wanting to follow the same fate, Yvonne learned not to talk about her unwanted gift.

The Grey Ones is the first book of The Path of the Maiden series. It tells the true story of a young girl’s quest for becoming ‘normal’. A path of trial and error and many lies. Through the light-hearted interaction between Yvonne and her family, the Occult mysteries and paranormal phenomena are explained in a basic easy to grasp manner. Learn alongside curious Mae about the Afterlife, the Auric bodies, and the different types of entities that visit us when we least expect it and much, much more…


The Grey Ones Cover


I have to start this off by saying I was so happy to be asked to join in on this blog tour, as books like this are right up my street! I love anything to do with the paranormal and I’m a sucker for a true story, too. This book ticks both those boxes, with the story being based on Yvonnes’ own life and experiences with the paranormal.

The book follows young Mae as she peppers her Mother with questions about the Occult, the subject matter ranging from experiences with the ‘Grey Ones’, tarot cards, visions of the future, and so much more. In answering her daughters questions, Yvonne sifts through tales of her youth, describing what it was like as a child to have such close interactions with items of the Occult, and telling how she came to terms with it and learned more about her gifts.

Despite covering a lot of in-depth subject matter, The Grey Ones is told with an easy to follow flow, seamlessly swapping between present day scenes and tales from Yvonne’s childhood as she thinks back to some of her more memorable experiences with the Grey Ones. There’s a lot to learn when it comes to the Occult, and alongside being a very interesting and enjoyable read, this book is a great stepping stone for anyone with an interest in the paranormal wishing to gain a bit more insight. It certainly left me reaching for my long-neglected tarot deck with a renewed sense of purpose!

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and can’t wait to see what Yvonne has in store for us with book two!


About The Author:
Yvonne, born in the Netherlands, is the fifth child of an Accountant and a homemaker. The first four years, she grew up in Weesp, a small picturesque town near Amsterdam. Just before she turned five, her parents decided to relocate their growing family and moved Yvonne with her three sisters and two brothers to the rural village of Doorn in the province of Utrecht.

Creativity has been Yvonne’s strength from an early age. As a young child, she would escape into her drawings, stories or express her feelings in music. If it wasn’t for the struggle to come to terms with Dyslexia, she would have pursued a career in Journalism.

Dyslexia was not the only obstacle she had to deal with. Growing up in the seventies and eighties there was no internet to consult. Neither did the local library stock up on self-help books for those with a well-developed sixth-sense. Questioning her own sanity, Yvonne learned the hard way that not everybody sees The Grey Ones, The Shady ones or those who live in Shadow.
Yvonne moved to the UK at the age of twenty-one, hoping to start anew and escape the persistent pull of the Paranormal.

Wanting to take on a tranquil, mundane life, she held a multitude of jobs in varying positions. From Clerk to Manager, Employed and Self-employed. She ploughed herself up in the world of Charity, Fashion, Transport, Events, Craft Markets, Therapy and Security. There were many successful jobs to choose from and to make her own if it wasn’t for this one position. A vacancy in a field of expertise she at first didn’t want to accept: The Occult.

Yvonne has lived and worked in the UK for twenty-six years. She recently relocated with her British Husband and three children to the lovely village of Stiphout in the Netherlands.

You can check out Yvonne’s website here.
And preorder The Grey Ones here.

The Grey Ones Promo

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