Camp NaNoWriMo – Progress update

I wanted to post a quick progress update on my Camp project for two reasons:
1. Accountability – If I keep telling people how much I’m getting done, it spurs me on to actually get some writing done each day
2. To prove that I’m still here and still alive, as my poor blog and twitter have taken a bit of a back seat whilst I’ve been focusing on my WIP and its word count!

I am pleased to announce that I am currently on target for my goal. I set a small goal of 10K for the month, and at the halfway mark I am now at a little under 5K written. Working away from home over the last couple of weekends has seriously eaten into my writing time, but I’m hoping to get plenty done over the Easter weekend coming up; I have a 4 day weekend, as I get to escape from my day job for the bank holidays. So fingers crossed I can rattle off some chocolate fuelled chapters and boost that word count!

I’m hoping to just focus on getting the story down now, but I keep getting distracted. I’m already on re-write number one of this project after switching from writing it in first person with one POV, to writing first person with two separate POVs. My latest distraction is me wondering if I should maybe swap it over to third person perspective, but keeping the two POVs. I keep telling myself to just write it as I have been for now, then once the first draft is done I can always go back and edit a few chapters into third person to see which I prefer, but that little voice keeps niggling away at me so we will have to wait and see if I can persevere for that long!

For those of you taking part in Camp, how are you getting on? Are you managing to stay on target?
And for anyone at all who wants to give me some input, which do you prefer to read? First or third person? The genre I’m working in at the moment is Urban Fantasy if that affects your choice at all…

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