Camp NaNo Update – Finished!

Well that’s it! Camp NaNo is officially over. I am actually very happy with the work I got done on my WIP during April, I love the extra motivational boost that NaNo events give me. That extra bit of accountability, seeing the goal I’m working towards and having friends taking part that I can check in with, too.

I am very pleased to say that I surpassed my 10,000 word target for the month, despite a bit of a hiccup in my productivity levels in the last full week. I dedicated the last weekend to knuckling down and getting some serious writing done, determined to reach my word count goal.


A combination of my NaNo progress and the word count I already had, my rewrite of my WIP is going well. Steadily climbing higher with the word count, I now have nearly 18K written down in this newest draft. Even though I’m still this early on at Shitty First Draft stage, I’m already having palpitations at the thought of ever letting anyone else read it. It’s been a very long time since I’ve ever shared any of my writing with the public eye. So I’m hoping to eventually publish some short flash fiction pieces on this blog every now and then, to try and get me past that road block. Being told a ~900 word short story is trash will be easier to ease me into than a potentially 90K word book!!

For those of you who took part in NaNo last month, how did you get on? Are you going to keep up the pace with your writing or plotting now NaNo is over?

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