The Secret Cove In Croatia by Julie Caplin – Review

Today I am thrilled to be bringing you my review on Julie Caplins latest novel, The Secret Cove In Croatia, which is celebrating it’s publication day today! I am a huge fan of Julies so I jumped at the chance to be on this tour -Big thanks to her for providing me with a copy of the book for review, and as always thanks to Rachel from Rachels Random Resources for inviting me to be a part of the tour in the first place!


Sail away to beautiful Croatia for summer sun, sparkling turquoise seas and a holiday romance that’s forever…

When no-nonsense, down-to-earth Maddie Wilcox is offered the chance to work on a luxury yacht for the summer, she can’t say no. Yes she’ll be waiting on the posh guests… But island-hopping around the Adriatic sea will more than make up for it – especially when Nick, her best friend Nina’s brother, is one of them.

Sparks fly when they meet on board and Maddie can’t believe self-entitled jerk Nick is really related to Nina.

But in a secret, picture-perfect cove, away from the real world, Maddie and Nick discover they might have more in common than they realise…

The Secret Cove in Croatia Cover


Julie Caplin is the author who helped thaw my cold, dead heart – I shied away from any romance related books for years, but took a chance on the first book of this Romantic Escapes series, The Little Cafe In Copenhagen, and haven’t looked back since! The Secret Cove In Croatia is the fifth instalment to this series, and I have found it to be just as heartwarming as it’s predecessors.

Losing myself in this book for a few hours was like taking a mini holiday – The vivid descriptions of Croatia and all the little port towns, mixed in with the antics of the holiday makers aboard the Avanturista, made it so easy to get swept away with the story, wishing I was sunning myself on the top deck of a yacht, not curled up on my sofa with a blanket!

Watching the relationship between Maddie and Nick develop was so entertaining – Moving from frosty cold to hot (Very hot, in fact!) as they grew together, but not skipping that fun, awkward, friends-who-sort-of-fancy-each-other stage.

Aside from this blossoming romance, we are given a lovely supporting cast of characters; some new faces, alongside some more familiar ones from earlier in the series. It’s one of my favourite things about this series – Each book is uniquely it’s own story, able to be read as a standalone, but followed as a series you get sneak peeks at how some of your favourites from previous books are getting on!

As with any good book, there are some characters I just loved to hate. Simon being top of my list. Looking down his nose at everyone, acting holier than thou at all times, Simon is the sort of guy I would have loved to chuck overboard, had I been on that boat! His treatment of everyone, Maddie and Nick in particular, is awful from the word go. Supermodel Tara is not much better; she has her own share of issues that her prickly exterior hide from the public eye, but deep down she is still an awful person. Despite all this, Maddie shows her true colours as a genuinely caring person by trying to reach out and help however she can when she catches a glimpse of one of Taras deep seated issues.

Overall, I loved loved loved this latest addition, and it has left me feeling homesick for a holiday I haven’t even been on! Time to go back to staring wistfully at travel sites, preferably with a homemade cocktail in one hand…

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About The Author

The Secret Cove AuthorJules Wake announced at the age of ten that she planned to be a writer. Along the way she was diverted by the glamorous world of PR and worked on many luxury brands, taking journalists on press trips to awful places like Turin, Milan, Geneva, Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam and occasionally losing the odd member of the press in an airport. This proved fabulous training for writing novels as it provided her with the opportunity to eat amazing food, drink free alcohol, hone her writing skills on press releases and to research European cities for her books.

She writes best-selling warm-hearted contemporary fiction for HarperImpulse.

Under her pen name, Julie Caplin, her twelfth novel, The Secret Cove in Croatia published in ebook format this July.

Social Media

Author Twitter – @JulieCaplin
Personal Twitter – @JulesWake
Facebook – @JulieCaplinAuthor

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