The Light Between Us by Katie Khan – Review

Today I am reviewing The Light Between Us by Katie Khan – I was so excited to get this one read, because I absolutely loved her first novel, Hold Back The Stars, so I just knew I was going to enjoy this one, too!


Thea and Isaac have always been friends, despite his constant jokes, despite her stubborn belief in time travel . . . despite the distance between them.

But when Isaac returns home from New York when their friend goes missing, suddenly things aren’t as they were. Something is different.

Thea and Isaac have always been friends. But maybe that wasn’t how it was supposed to be.



I adore Katies style of writing, it makes it so easy to fall into the book and never get back up again! I’ve said time and time again that I tend to avoid typical romance books, but the way Katie blends her stories together creates a mixture of genres with plenty going on in the plot to keep me happy. Romance and sci fi work side by side here, creating a unique and enthralling story.

Determined to prove that her theories on time travel are right, Thea obsessively works on her experiment with her trusty friends by her side: Ayo, Urvisha and Rosy. Things soon spiral out of control, but luckily sweetheart Isaac arrives on the scene and lends a helping hand. With one member of their little team now missing, it’s down to every one else to scramble and try to find some sort of trace of their lost friend.

Despite being centred around time travel, the scientific side of it all is made easy to understand whenever it is discussed (Big thanks to Isaac taking one for the team and needing it all dumbed down!) so it doesn’t take away from the story at all, you’re not left scratching your head wondering what on earth they’re all talking about. There’s also a lot of fun facts and information slotted into the story whilst Thea and Isaac dig through art and history in their hunt for their missing friend.

Well placed flashbacks to their university days together give us an insight into Thea and Isaacs friendship; showing it blossom, peak, and how they finally grew apart. Now they’re back working together, that spark reappears and I spent so long whilst reading the book just willing them to get together already! But of course, in a book that’s throwing time travel theories around, things are never going to quite that straight forward.

This was such an interesting read, and so sweet when it came to Isaac and Thea. My heart broke to Isaac on more than one occasion, though, and I just wanted to give him a cuddle! I can’t wait to see what Katie Khan will write next!

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