Hall Of Night by Emma Miles – EXTRACT & MAP

I’ve got another treat for you all! In the run up to the release of her latest novel, Hall Of Night, Emma Miles has kindly supplied me with not only an extract from it, but also a very pretty map of the Valley of the Fey to share with you all today. The perfect opportunity for both new and old fans alike; either get a taster of Feather and Myas magical world, or get a sneak peek at what they’ve been getting up to since Hall Of Pillars came to an end!

So without further ado, here is a very exclusive extract from Hall Of Night:

Feather shifted, wriggling deeper into the straw. His back and hips ached abominably from his awkward perch amongst the supplies and despite his comfortable bed he was unable to sleep. He’d made barely a sound, but Caelin heard it.

‘Something troubles you, brownie?’

Feather sighed. ‘Only my impending doom. Perhaps I’m just not used to sleeping in a safe bed these days.’

‘And it is usually your turn to watch at this time of night,’ Caelin pointed out. 

‘And why are you awake?’ Feather propped himself up on one elbow to regard the knight. Caelin was lying on his back with both hands behind his head, the small amount of light that leaked in through a small open window caught his eyes so they seemed to glisten.

‘Oh, you know, impending doom.’

Feather grinned and Caelin turned his head to smile. 

So.’ Feather gave two rapid blinks. ‘Your childhood.’

Caelin gave a soft growl but his smile didn’t fade. ‘Are you hoping my life story will put you to sleep, brownie?’

‘Yes, indeed!’

Caelin shook his head but gave a low chuckle. Feather glanced toward Mya, he couldn’t tell if she was awake or sleeping.

Caelin raised an eyebrow. ‘Well. I was born in Rivercross, my father was the captain of the town guard and my mother the youngest daughter of the tanner…’

And here is the lovely map of the valley!



Hall of pillars two 1 FONT


Don’t forget, Hall Of Night releases on 18th November, and you can preorder your own copy here.

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