Hall Of Night by Emma Miles – Review

In case my almost total blog take over in recent weeks hasn’t already tipped you off, Hall Of Night by the fabulous Emma Miles releases today! I’m a huge fan of Emmas work and was so excited to get my hands on this book – I adored it’s predecessor, Hall of Pillars and was SO excited when I learned that there was going to be a sequel!


It will take more than friendship, courage or love, to save them this time.

Feather and Mya had fought hard for their peaceful life, defeating a Dark Fey queen so the people of their valley could be free; so, they could put their feet up in their quiet cottage at the end of a day’s work…

Of course, things won’t stay that way long for Mya and her faithful brownie friend. When visiting the Beltane fair in the wondrous tree city of Ashgrove, they hear rumours of horns, rumours of hoofbeats, rumours of slaughter. The Gentry are coming. Once again Mya and Feather must team up with the Wild Fey and the surly knight, Caelin, to defend the home they love; whilst her nephew, Jack, struggles to bring unity and order to the human city of Ayresport who refuse to accept the fey.

Only if they unite, will they survive.

Hall of pillars two 1 FONT


Anyone who’s read my previous reviews of Emma Miles’ books will know that I tend to gush a bit about the intricate world building, and this book is going to be no different. From the very first page I was transported back into Mya and Feather’s world, wandering with them through the forests and taking in the beautiful sights at Ashgrove. I love the world that has been built up in these books, and would love to be able to visit it (Preferably on a peaceful day, though!)

What starts off as a quiet visit to the Ashgrove Beltane festival soon turns into another adventure for Mya and Feather. Caelin is of course along for the ride, too, with Jack and Lissa fighting their own battle over in Ayresport. True to Emma’s usual writing style, we switch POV every now and then to follow what each character is up to, what they are thinking, which helps keep the story as a whole running smoothly.

Anyone who has already read Hall Of Pillars will no doubt have a favourite character or two, and Hall Of Night really brings out more of everyones personalities, letting us get to know the characters on a much more intimate level. Feather is just as lovely as ever, Mya goes from strength to strength as the story progresses, and we get to know so much more about Caelin, who I must admit is one of my favourites – I am a little bit in love with the mysterious knight!

Overall, Hall Of Night was just as action packed as it’s predecessor; plenty of drama, sticky situations for all our characters, a heavy dose of magic and even a little sprinkling of romance to break up the tension. More than one part of the book left me on the edge of my seat, biting my nails, and desperately reading on to see what happens next! As is always the case with Emmas books, I loved this from the very first page, and can’t wait to see what she writes next!


You can grab your own copy of Hall Of Night NOW at Amazon

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