Louis & Louise by Julie Cohen – Review

Today I am reviewing Louis & Louise by the talented Julie Cohen!



Louis and Louise are the same person born in two different lives. They are separated only by the sex announced by the doctor and a final ‘e’.

They have the same best friends, the same red hair, the same dream of being a writer, the same excellent whistle. They both suffer one catastrophic night, with life-changing consequences.

Thirteen years later, they are both coming home.


This book is so unlike anything I’ve ever read before, and I absolutely loved it! With our main character, Lou, being portrayed as both male (Louis) and female (Louise), we get to explore their childhoods and early adult lives in all their similarities and differences. It is a great portrayal of the differences between the way men and women are raised, the different hurdles they can face in life, whilst still showing that it shouldn’t be so hard to ignore gender.

This is beautifully written, and the story flows well between the time and character switches, making it easy to follow. All the main events affect both Louis and Louise – The mixed backgrounds of their parents and their friends, the polluting mill in the town and staff strikes – But the way in which it affects each of them is different, their reasonings for escaping their small childhood town at such a young age are both different and the same. The story is thought provoking, and has some hard-hitting issues and heart wrenching twists and turns. Full of secrets to be uncovered, this was a wonderful read and I’m so glad I picked it up!

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