I am a 20-something aspiring writer from sunny Scotland. A self proclaimed crazy cat lady and professional procrastinator.

Currently, my weekdays are spent in an office to help me pay the bills! Though a large portion of my spare time is spent both reading and writing. I’ve always loved how easy it can be to lose yourself in the world within a good book, reality seems to slip away while your nose is buried between the pages.

I have always loved reading from a young age, my Mum used to read countless books to me until I was able to pick up the books and read them myself. As for writing, there’s always been fun stories floating around in my imagination. I was maybe around 10 or 11 when I first started to write them down (even winning a competition to have a poem I wrote published in a book!), and was then well into my teens before I started publishing any of my writing online (Starting out with awful fanfiction, published on a now defunct website, so will hopefully never see the light of day again!).

School, work and life all managed to get in the way and my writing was pushed to the back burner for a few years. Now here I am, hoping to start exercising my creative muscles again with a combination of blogging, book reviewing, and diving into a few creative writing projects.

Wish me luck!