January Wrap-up!

January is finally over! Am I the only one who feels like it lasted for weeks and weeks? It's been a productive one for me thankfully - I hit a serious reading slump towards the end of last year, barely reading any books at all. That all changed as the new year came in and… Continue reading January Wrap-up!

August Wrap up!

Well, August seems to have flown by! And it's been another poor health month for me, unfortunately. Lots of medication adjustments and awful side effects. Which means I haven't really gotten up to very much of anything, aside from a few soul-cleansing early morning walks on the beach. And reading, of course. This also means… Continue reading August Wrap up!

February Wrap Up!

That’s another month over and done with already! It feels a little bittersweet reaching the end of February – That’s another month of the year down where I feel I haven’t really achieved much, my writing taking a back seat whilst I dealt with other things. I really want time to slow down so I… Continue reading February Wrap Up!